Four reasons for installing a combi oven in your kitchen

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A combi oven is a versatile oven that cooks with steam, convection or a combination of both. More and more chefs are discovering the benefits of this type of oven. Here are some reasons why it might be right for your kitchen.


The main advantage of a combi oven is its versatility. The combination of steam and dry heat means that you can exactly control the level of humidity in the oven. This allows for cooking at high heats without drying out or burning the food and makes it ideal for all sorts of cooking. A combi oven can be used to defrost, raise dough, re-heat, poach, steam, bake, shallow-fry, grill or roast food, all by adjusting the temperature and amount of steam in the oven.


A second advantage is that combi ovens tend to be more efficient than traditional ovens. The ability to cook food fast without burning means that meals can be prepared much more quickly, saving time and labour. They are also more energy-efficient as they use less heat than conventional ovens, so they cost less to run and also help to reduce your carbon footprint.


Combi ovens have a beneficial on the workplace as well. As they minimise heat, they do not tend to heat the kitchen up so much, making it a much more pleasant place to work and prepare food. They also tend to be easier to clean as there will be less burnt food and fewer grease marks caused by the cooking process.


Finally, combi ovens can produce a better quality of food. The ability to completely control the levels of heat and humidity inside the oven means you can rely on consistent results, as the same setting will have the same effects (and many ovens will allow you to store the exact programs you use regularly). There will also be less transfer of flavours from one food to the other if you are cooking different dishes simultaneously. This is on top of the fact that the food is less likely to burn, shrink or dry out, all of which can reduce the quality of the meals you serve to your customers.

Combi ovens are versatile and efficient and can improve the kitchen environment and the quality of your food. A supplier will be able to advise you on which model is best for you and set you on the road to transforming your kitchen and your business.

Contact a local appliance supplier to learn more about combi ovens.