Three Different Awning Types For Your Caravan

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When touring Australia with a caravan, an awning soon becomes an integral part of the space, offering comfort and convenience wherever you choose to stop overnight. After all, caravan awnings extend your living space and offer more flexibility to the way you use your mobile accommodation. There are different types of awnings that caravan owners can choose, however. Which one will suit your needs best? Read on to find out more about the most common caravan awnings on offer today.

Roll-Out Awnings

The most common temporary shelters seen on caravans these days are roll-out awnings. These are permanently attached to the side of the caravan and, as their name suggests, can be rolled out as and when they are needed. This type of awning is incredibly convenient, as it requires little effort or time to set up and take down. Often, it only takes one person to manage depending on the size of the caravan. Roll-out awnings are typically made of sturdy, weather-resistant material, providing excellent shade and protection from the sun. Importantly, they also come in a variety of standard sizes, so you can usually find one that will fit your caravan perfectly.

Inflatable Awnings

A more recent innovation in the caravan awning market, inflatable awnings are lighter and more compact than roll-out awnings. This means they are a good option to consider if you value portability and ease of storage when the product will not be in use. These caravan awnings consist of inflatable air tubes that form the supporting structure. Once you've parked your caravan, all you need to do is simply hook up an air pump and within minutes you'll have a fully erected awning. Despite their relative lightness and ease of setup, it is worth noting that most inflatable awnings are robust and can withstand nearly all types of weather conditions.

Porch Awnings

These sorts of caravan awnings are smaller than the other two types already mentioned. Although they attach to a caravan just like a traditional awning, they are only designed to cover a small area immediately adjacent to the caravan door. This means that they're ideal for holidaymakers who only need a little extra outdoor covered space, perhaps as an area to remove muddy boots or for a pet to sleep in. Porch awnings are often the most affordable option and, due to their size, are very quick to set up and pack away at the end of the trip.