Two Tips to Follow if You Want to Buy an Outdoor Sofa

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If you've decided to add an outdoor sofa to your garden, here are some tips to follow when you buy this furniture.

Make sure the sofa's outdoor cushions have wipe-clean covers

When shopping for this furniture, you should ensure that it comes with cushions whose covers are wipe-clean (and, ideally, removable). The reason for this is that a sofa that's kept outdoors will usually get dirty far faster than one that's kept indoors. Its cushions might, for example, get covered in grass stains and mud when your kids decide to sit on it and put their feet up on it after running around the muddy garden. Likewise, it might get dirty as a result of airborne dust and bird droppings falling on it.

Whilst ideally, the sofa's covers should be removable so that you can give them a proper wash in your washing machine when this is necessary, having ones that are made from a wipe-clean material will allow you to quickly remove mud stains without saturating the cushions' inner filling and will cut down on the frequency with which you need to put them in the washing machine. It will also ensure that if, for example, some friends come round for a spur-of-the-moment al-fresco drink in the garden, when your outdoor sofa is dirty, you can quickly remove stains from it and provide them with a clean outdoor place to sit, instead of having to toss a throw blanket over the sofa to disguise the dirt on it.

Base the sofa size partly on the size of your awning or parasol

In locations where the weather is nice enough to utilise outdoor furniture, the sun is also usually strong enough that some type of awning or parasol needs to be placed over this furniture, to keep those who sit on it feeling comfortable on hot days. If you either have an awning or parasol that you plan to use with this furniture, you should make sure that the sofa size you go for is such that the protective parasol or awning that will hang over it will cover most of this furniture. This will ensure that when there are several people sitting on the sofa on a hot day, there won't be one or two of them who have to sit on a part of the sofa that is unprotected from the sun and which is, therefore, too hot to sit in for a long time. 

For more info, visit a local outdoor furniture store.