3 Reasons To Consider Upgrading Your Home With Storm Windows

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When homeowners consider the security of their homes, they frequently overlook the importance of windows. If you purchase cheap windows that provide little to no durability, insulation or light filtering, you'll quickly face the financial consequences of their neglect. Fortunately, it is never too late to upgrade your existing windows with stormproof alternatives. Here are three reasons why storm windows should be your next home improvement project.

1. Storm windows improve your home's thermal barrier

Like most homeowners, you're likely aware that windows with inadequate thermal insulation will lead to higher energy bills. This is especially true in the summer and winter months, as the cool air from your AC units and the warm air from your heaters will quickly escape through uninsulated windows. 

What most don't know, however, is that storm windows can provide you with an extra layer of insulation. Installing them will significantly improve your home's thermal barrier, reducing the amount of heated or cooled air that passes through your windows. In turn, this creates a more energy-efficient home that saves you money on electricity bills every month—all without sacrificing a comfortable temperature.

2. Excellent for filtering light in your home

Light filtering is another excellent feature you'll get with storm windows. Sun rays carry harmful UV radiation that can easily pass through most windows. This radiation may not be high enough to physically harm you or your family, but it is the cause of fading across furniture, carpet, rugs and even paint—something you may already have noticed in your home.

Of course, natural light in your home looks and feels great, so if you want to enjoy it with your curtains or blinds open, it's critical to ensure that you block as much UV radiation as possible. Storm windows usually have a greater ability to filter UV rays, allowing you to enjoy the sun year-round without consequence.

3. Weatherproofing

Finally, the most obvious reason to install storm windows is weatherproofing. Storms are one of the worst enemies of home windows. Weather elements such as hailstones, heavy rain and harsh winds (as well as the debris they carry) pose a threat to your home's integrity and your family's safety. The larger the storm is, the greater the damage is—and even moderate rain and wind can cause problems for your home over time.

Windows can be one of the first lines of defence against the elements if you make sure to install windows that can withstand the weather. Installing storm windows will add an additional layer of security during harsh weather events, protecting the glass, the frames and the contents behind them.

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