Your Kitchen Renovation Needs For A Hyper-Functional Kitchen

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Real estate shopping will teach you one thing: sometimes, the smart choice involves a compromise. You might not find your exact dream home on a listing, but you can certainly turn your best option into something you will love. Whether you're just a 'foodie' or full-fledged chef, having space and installations in your kitchen to cook elaborate, creative or exotic recipes can be an incredible luxury. Fortunately, it's not as inaccessible as it may have been years ago. With fantastic advancements in manufacturing industry technology, affordable installations with maximised functionalities are available for all. Here's all you should know.

You Will Need Ample Counter Space

If the kitchen in the home you have purchased is more of a traditional familial kitchen than a contemporary kitchen, it is likely to prioritise entertaining and dining over the cooking process. This often means small counters pushed against walls. Without generous counter space, meticulous or lengthy cooking may require you to use your kitchen's dining table for your food prep and serving.

This is highly impractical, as movements must be completed back and forth between the sink, cooking station and table. Instead, you will want large, bulky counters with sturdy benchtops. If you're looking for a countertop that can accommodate pots and pans straight off the fire, you may want to consider an engineered stone material. If you lack space for both a dining table and a large counter, consider a combination of both. You can opt for a square or rectangular counter in the middle of the kitchen with a gleaming benchtop to use both for your dining and cooking prep.

Organisation Is Crucial To Stress-Free Cooking

Before you choose a style of cupboards, cabinets or shelves to store your utensils, you will want to think about how you use them. If you are the type of cook that is stimulated and inspired by visuals, establishing a storage system with all your tools visible at once may be best. Such a system (for instance, with open cabinets or a pot hanging installation above your cooking counter) can facilitate the cooking experience by putting everything within sight and reach.

If, on the other hand, you are alarmed by potential clutter and wish for all unused tools to be stored away from sight, you will want to create an installation with ample cabinets. Use as much upper wall spaces as you can to maximise your storage space, and remember to invest in a kitchen ladder to access the utensils you need comfortably.