Security Screen Inspection Points When Looking for a New House

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While no home is entirely burglarproof, security still ranks high up the list when buyers are looking for a new house. You need to feel safe in your new house, which is why careful inspection of security features is critical. Home sellers understand the fact and go the extra mile of installing security screens to make properties attractive to buyers. If you find a home with security screens, ensure that it is ideal for your security needs. This article highlights what you should look for in a home security screen.  

Multiple Locking Mechanism

Security screens come in various locking mechanisms depending on a client's security needs. Therefore, you can find security screens with a single locking mechanism or multiple locks. If a property does not have a perimeter wall or a gate, a security screen door must have multiple locking mechanisms; upper, middle, and lower locks. The mechanism offers reliable protection against burglary attempts by making it impossible to pry a screen open at the weakest point. It does not mean that a single lock mechanism does a lousy job of protecting you and your belongings. However, you need other security measures, such as a fence or CCTV system, to bolster a property's security. Besides, if you are comfortable carrying multiple keys, there is no reason why you should not opt for a home with multiple-lock security screens. 


Hinges hold a security screen to its frame and allow for easy opening and closing. Ideally, the security screen on your prospective new house should have at least three hinges other than the fixed ones. It deters burglars from unscrewing the hinges off because that would be too much work. Additionally, security screen hinges with bigger pins on the hinges are more secure than doors with smaller pins. Most importantly, ensure that hinges fill the gap between the frame and the door to eliminate any accessible gaps. 

Quality Frames

The frame of a security screen is arguably the most crucial part. A screen with a weak frame can be easily breached even if it has multiple locking mechanisms. Therefore, scrutinize a security screen frame and focus on the type of material used. The best frames are made from welded stainless steel due to the material's resistance to corrosion. Stainless steel screen frames are also solid and excellent at deterring burglary attempts. Once you verify that the frame is robust enough, inspect the infill and make sure that it is made of perforated aluminium sheets. 

Speak with a professional who provides security screens for more information.