Three Places In A Home That Benefit From Plantation Shutters

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Plantation shutters make home life much more comfortable and convenient. Read on to discover how they'll help in the following places in particular.


In a bedroom, it's essential that you have control over the light entering via the windows. Not having a good nights' sleep can wreak havoc on a whole day, causing tiredness and lack of concentration. You need to be able to arise at the most convenient time for you, not merely when the sun rises at dawn. For this reason, plantation shutters are excellent. They fit snugly within window frames and don't allow shafts of stray light to peep through the sides or bottom. Shutters also muffle noise, further promoting a good nights' sleep.


Bathrooms can be damp, humid rooms and the window coverings need to thrive in such an environment. While shutters can use timber, they're also available in aluminium and PVC. Aluminium is naturally corrosion-resistant and thus suits moist atmospheres. Another resistant material is PVC that doesn't warp or rot. A vital concern with bathroom window treatments is that they provide privacy for those bathing — with shutters, you can close them completely when needed for a total block. 

As well as being functional, bathroom window treatments need to impart a feeling of calm and luxury in a room, whether its style is modern, traditional, bohemian, or another aesthetic. Shutters are incredibly adaptable, complementing different decors, and they come in a range of colours such as white, beige, pink, or blue. Thus you'll have no problem spotting a suitable option.

Living Rooms

Living rooms are multifunctional spaces. People might watch TV, read, work on the computer, or simply relax. That's why it's essential to install window coverings that allow you to adjust them in different ways. You can open shutters fully to let in maximum light. But if the sun is shining on a computer or TV screen and you can't see clearly, you can angle the louvres to direct the light towards the ceiling instead.  

Alternatively, you might be sitting at a table and want to steer the light towards the book or newspaper you're reading. You can also adjust the blades to darken the room for an afternoon nap. Another reason you might redirect incoming light is to protect your furnishings from fading in the direct morning sunlight. Later in the day when the sun's at a different angle, you can open the shutters fully.

Consider getting shutters in any of these rooms.