What makes a good plant pot?

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In any garden or backyard, landscaping pots can be a great way of ensuring that you can grow whatever plants you want and place them in the perfect location, irrespective of whether or not you have a flowerbed in that spot. While the type of pot that you use for your plants is always going to be a personal choice, it is important to carefully consider what characteristics you need from your pots so that your plants will continue to thrive.

Good drainage

When you visit your nearest vendor of wholesale pots, the first thing you will need to check is that the pots have holes for adequate drainage. Most people start by looking at the size of the pot and ensuring that their plant will have room to grow, but you shouldn't ignore the importance of oxygen. If the water can't escape from the pot, then insufficient oxygen will reach the plant roots and it will drown.

Good breathability

When you look at the wholesale pots on sale, consider carefully the materials from which they are made. If you can find wholesale pots that are fashioned from materials such as clay, unglazed terracotta or similar natural materials, these will improve the circulation of air around the roots of your plants since these materials permit both air and moisture to pass through them. Allowing the moisture to evaporate in this way not only cools the soil, but it also stops root rot by drawing out any excess water.

Good insulation

The thermal properties of the point must play an important part in the selection of any wholesale pots. When choosing a pot, you should think about how quickly it will cool or warm and what temperature is preferred by your chosen plant. If you live in an area prone to frost, then a dark-coloured pot could be a great choice to protect the plant roots and keep them warm. If heat is your main problem, then choosing wholesale pots made from a dense material can provide a buffer from the heat.  

Good durability

When you are buying wholesale pots, then you will normally want pots that will last well without continual maintenance that could distress the plant. Choose pots from strong, durable materials that will not need regular replacement or repainting.

To find out more, talk to your provider of wholesale pots today. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the properties of their pots.