Why You Should Consider Tiles For Your New House

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While tiles have traditionally been relegated to "wet" rooms in the house such as the bathroom and the kitchen, there is a growing trend to expand the way we use tiles. More and more people are choosing to put tiles throughout their living areas in addition to their wet rooms which means that the majority of their house is now tiled. There are many benefits to deciding to tile your house, and you should consider how much easier it could be for you than installing carpet. 


Tiles have a natural advantage over carpet because of their composition; tiles simply do not show age the same way carpet does. For heavy foot traffic areas carpet will begin to show wear and tear within a year and after a few years, it will be noticeably thinner underfoot. Tiles, on the other hand, do not show any noticeable signs of aging which means that there is far less need to replace them over the life of your house. You may replace carpeting every 5-10 years or even sooner, depending on the quality. 


It is far, far harder to stain tiles than any other surface you are likely to put into your house. Unless you are using an exceptionally penetrative substance, tiles will not be stained which eliminates practically everything you would be using in your house on a regular basis. On the other hand, carpet, timber, vinyl and more are far more susceptible to being stained from drinks, sauces, food and anything else you could think of. Tiles are also quicker to clean than carpet because they do not hold onto dust as well as carpet does; there is nowhere to hide on the surface of a tile.

Different Styles

Most people have the image of bone-white tiles as the default colour for all tiles but, while that is a popular choice, there are so many more different options that you can choose from when picking tiles for your house. You can have everything from different coloured tiles to different textured tiles including concrete. Many people who love the clean and polished finish of concrete floors decide on concrete tiles because of how much simpler and cheaper they are to install while still retaining a lot of the essence they love about concrete floors. It does not matter what room you want flooring put in; there will be a type of tile that will go well with it.