How Self-Storage Can Help Your Online Auction Business

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If you started selling things on online auction sites a while ago and things are taking off, then you may want to expand your operations. While this is a positive thing, it can come with some negatives. For example, your business may be taking over more of your home than you like. How can hiring a self-storage unit help?

Free Up Space at Home

While you want to keep plenty of things in stock, so you can dispatch orders quickly, this often poses a space problem if you're working from home. You and your family may be tired of having boxes of stuff all over the house.

Also, if things are going really well, then you may be running out of room for new stock. A self-storage unit could hold all your stock in one place, and your home could go back to just being home again.

Get More Organised

If you store inventory at home, then you may not be able to organise it that well. You may need to spread your stock around different places, making it hard to keep track. For example, if you have a run on a particular item, you could end up selling more than you actually have in stock. It's a lot easier to track inventory in a dedicated storage unit.

Expand Your Business

If you're short on space at home, then you'll be restricted on how much stock you can hold at any given time. If you can't buy in bulk, you may miss out on cost savings, and it's harder to order new things to try out.

The extra space you get in a self-storage unit gives you more flexibility. You can order more stock at a lower price to increase your profit margins. You'll also have a place to store any new products you want to try out.

Tip: Some self-storage units will also take and hold postal deliveries for you. This may be easier than having stock delivered to your home and then taking it to your unit.

Deal With Packing and Shipping

If you put a table and packaging materials in your unit, then you can also use it to sort out your orders. For example, you can visit once a day, pack all your orders up for shipping and then take them to be posted on the way home.

Before you hire a unit, remember to check out restrictions on stored products. For example, you won't be able to store anything combustible or perishable in most self-storage sites. To find out more, ask local self-storage companies for advice.