How to Choose the Right Type of Screen for Your Renovated Bathroom

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If you are renovating the bathroom, you will be taking your time to make sure that the most important room in your home truly is a sanctuary. To do this, you have to plan each element within the room and make sure that it all matches up in terms of style. Certainly, not every home has the luxury of a huge bathroom, and size may require you to make some compromises. However, you can still make certain that your renovation job is out of this world by paying attention to some small details. What are the more important areas to look at when it comes to the shower?

Hybrid Bathing

Whenever you have a relatively small bathroom, you may have one significant decision to make before you start your design process. In short, are you going to have a shower or a bathtub? If you rarely take a bath and have no particular reason to get one, then that choice may be relatively simple, but if you do like to indulge yourself by soaking away the stress or somebody in the family particularly needs this option, then you may choose a hybrid version, known as shower-over-bath.

Choices of Screen

In order to install this type of convenience correctly, you will need to add a shower screen that will sit on the edge of the bath and make sure that water does not splash everywhere when somebody is using it. You have many different design options to choose from, but you first need to determine the practicality.


Make sure that you position the shower (and subsequently locate the bathtub) so that the screen does not impede any other areas of the bathroom and cause a hazard when open or clash against a door or cabinet. This may seem fairly obvious to you now, but many people have gone through the entire process only to realise that it simply didn't work when they stood back and took a look at it.

Shape and Function

The shape of your bath will dictate the type of screen that you can position on top of it. Some people will opt for a curved bathtub, and in this case, you will need an appropriately curved screen. You can also choose a screen that folds so that it is easier to access and exit the bathtub, and you can choose from shower screens that have a more contemporary appearance, perhaps without a frame of any kind. Once again, this is part of your overall design consideration, and you should choose the option that best suits your finished goal.