How to Choose the Right Blinds for Every Room of Your Home

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Blinds are a great choice for any room, as they're compact and lightweight, and won't distract from the room's style or from the appearance of furniture pieces and accessories. Blinds also give you lots of flexibility in how much light you allow into a space, as you can open the slats just a slight bit, or open the blinds completely for full sun exposure. Since you might find more choices for blinds than you expect, note a few tips for choosing the best options for blinds for every room of your home.

Surfaces in the room

Your first consideration when choosing blinds would be the surfaces in the room. If a room has stone or timber floors, you might forego wood blinds, as this can be too many cold and flat surfaces; it can also be difficult to match species and tones of wood, so wood blinds might clash with a timber floor. The same is true if there is lots of leather furniture in a room, as wood or metal blinds paired with leather furniture can seem cold and stark. Fabric blinds might then be a better option in this space. On the other hand, if a room has carpeting and lots of upholstered furniture, wood blinds can tone down that fabric, and add warmth against a light tan carpet and wall colour.

Length and width of windows

Choose the direction of blinds according to the size of the windows; if you add long vertical blinds over narrow windows, the blinds will seem out of place. Shorter horizontal blinds may seem more proportionate. On the other hand, horizontal blinds on windows that are very tall may also seem like the wrong size, so long vertical blinds would then be a better fit.

Sun position

It's also good to consider the sun position over your home when choosing between horizontal and vertical blinds. If the sun tends to be directly over a particular window, choose horizontal blinds; you can close the slats, and then pull the blinds open at the bottom. This will create a solid panel at the top of the blinds to block out direct sunlight, while the open bottom allows some light into the room. If the sun moves from left to right or right to left across a window, choose vertical blinds that open in the direction of the sun. You can then keep the slats closed against the sun, but push the blinds open on the side as the sun moves across the window, allowing for maximum comfort in your space.