Remodelling Ideas to Totally Transform Your Ensuite

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Ensuite bathrooms are typically quite small, with a toilet, shower, sink, storage and perhaps a bath crammed into what space is available. This doesn't leave much room for moving around, but the focus of an ensuite bathroom is usually convenience over luxury.

If you have your own ensuite bathroom, choosing to renovate it gives you the opportunity to completely transform its purpose. Instead of trying to fit all of the amenities of a standard bathroom into limited space, you can change it into a room designed for one particular thing.

Here are some ideas to get you started thinking about the possibilities for remodelling your small ensuite.

Wet room

By taking out the other appliances, you can turn a simple bathroom into a wet room. This lets you enjoy a relaxing shower in total peace, immersing yourself in the falling water.

A wet room uses all or most of the room as a shower enclosure, with full waterproofing on the walls and floor plus built-in drainage. With this type of set-up, you can install an oversized shower head, which is guaranteed to make you want to take very long showers.

Luxury bathroom

If you can fit a bath into your ensuite at all, it's probably a small unit when you also have a sink, toilet and shower. But by giving the room over entirely to bathing, you can install a large bath for those times when it's more about relaxing than washing. Having the room connected to your bedroom is the perfect way to unwind before getting a good night's sleep.

Steam room

Home steam enclosures have become compact enough to fit into fairly small spaces, meaning you could have your very own steam room. It doesn't get much more luxurious than that. In addition to their shrinking size, steam room enclosures have also become more affordable, and using the space provided by your ensuite is a great way to fit them into your home.

Dressing and makeup room

By taking out everything except for the sink, you can turn an ensuite bathroom into a dressing room with plumbing. This is ideal for a space to get ready, as you can wash your face and hands with the sink, plus there's lots of room for mirrors and storage.

Making more space

If you still need a little more room to fit what you want into your transformed ensuite, there are a few ways to maximise what's available.

First, swap a hinged door for a sliding one and you'll remove the need for opening space. Secondly, take out anything that doesn't need to be stored there, and have cupboards or shelves removed unless they're essential.