Why Motorize and Automate Your Home as Much as Possible

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Home automation is much more affordable than many homeowners realize, and many features of your home can be automated and controlled remotely from a smart phone or tablet. This includes the home faucets, appliances, garage door, blinds and window treatments, and of course the alarm systems. You may have already invested in an alarm that you can control remotely, but note some reasons why it's good to consider adding motorization and automation to many other features around the home as well.


Automating and motorizing features in your home can add to home security. If you're worried about someone watching your home to note if it's empty, you might randomly turn on faucets or a television that is running a video game, or open and close the blinds and curtains. Even these small disturbances can make a potential burglar think that someone is home so that they move on to another target; if they do break in and hear a faucet or television running, they may also think someone is home, and leave quickly without taking anything.

Energy efficiency

Closing thick curtains over the windows can help to insulate the home from cold drafts or hot, summertime sun. Being able to do this remotely, even when you're away from home, can ensure you don't run your furnace and air conditioning unnecessarily. If the sun comes out and the temperature suddenly gets overly warm during the day, you can close your window treatments, even from the office. If the temperature suddenly drops and winter winds kick up, you can also close those curtains and keep the home insulated.

If the weather stays mild, you might also adjust the thermostat remotely, so that the furnace or air conditioner won't start up while the home is unoccupied. Automation also allows you to note if any faucets have been left on accidentally so they can be shut off as needed, to save water and energy for heating that water.

Privacy for children

If you have children who are home during the day, you may not want anyone to see that they're alone and vulnerable. Motorized window treatments can allow you to close the window treatments when your children arrive home, in case they forget to do that, or if they would struggle with oversized blinds and curtains. A child may need to access the home from the attached garage, so you can also ensure the garage door is closed behind them, to ensure no one is alerted to your children now being home.