Helpful Tips for Clearing Out the Clutter at Home

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Many people struggle with clutter, or "stuff" that takes up space and is always getting in the way. Clutter can actually cause stress, as it creates a chaotic environment and makes it difficult to quickly and easily find something you need. However, many people don't know what to do, or even where to start, when it comes to clearing out clutter. To make it easier on you, note a few helpful tips that you might try for eliminating some "stuff."

Pretend you're downsizing

If you needed to move to a residence that was half the size of the one you live in, what would you take with you? Start with necessities; cookware you use every day, clothes you wear regularly, and family keepsakes. Consider if other items that you keep but never use, such as tools and sporting goods, would fit in a home half the size of your current home. If not, those items can be trashed, donated or sold.

To make this trick work, mark off a space in your home that's half the size of your current rooms and garage. If your items won't fit in that space, it's time to get rid of them!

Make some money

Look at your unused items as potential money makers; sporting goods you no longer use, tools, clothes that don't fit, and other such items can be sold online or at a tag sale. Consider how nice it would be to have that money in your hand rather than that clutter in your home, and this can help you part with things.

Get some bins

If there are items you don't want to part with but which are messy and unsightly, get some storage bins and organize them. Separate items according to use; holiday decorations, seasonal clothes, photographs and mementos, important paperwork, and so on. You can then stack the bins in the garage or basement, and your items are organized and accessible but out of the way.

Get a storage unit

Once you've organized your items into bins, you may find that you simply have too many bins to keep on hand. If so, it's time to get a storage unit. A small, nearby unit can mean not having to part with your items, but also not having to trip over those bins every time you enter a room! Most storage units allow 24-hour access, so you don't need to worry about not being able to retrieve items you need, when you need them, but can keep them out of the home and out from underfoot.