5 Tips for Vacuuming Between Professional Carpet Cleaning

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In between getting your carpets professionally cleaned, you need to keep your carpets spot cleaned. Ideally, you should have a cleaning kit for spot cleaning. Beyond that, you need to vaccuum. Here are some essential vacuuming tips to help you.

1. Vacuum Often

To keep your carpets as clean as possible, you need to vacuum often. Unfortunately, if you don't vacuum on a regular basis, oils and dirt can build up in your carpet. That can smash down the pile and make the carpet hard to clean even for a commercial carpet cleaner.

2. Keep the Brushes Clean

Vacuums pick up dirt from the carpet by brushing it up and out of the carpet. Then, the suction takes over and feeds the debris into the bag or canister. If your brushes are riddled with debris, they won't be able to penetrate into your carpet fibres.

In particular, you need to look for long hairs or strings around the brushes. Those can stymy the brushes from moving quickly. Luckily, they are easy to remove.

You may also want to check your belts on a regular basis. They attach to the motor of the vacuum, and if they are broken, the brushes won't spin along with the motor. In addition, if they are too loose, the brushes also won't spin.

3. Adjust to the Right Height

Most vacuums have a height feature that you can adjust for different types of carpet pile. If you want your carpet clean, you need to adjust the brushes to the correct height. It can be tempting to put the brushes at a low height even if your pile is thick and high. The idea is that then the brushes will really get deep into the pile.

However, that is not true. When you put the height too low for your carpet, that can actually damage the brushes and make them not work as well.

4. Change the Filter

Most vacuums have a filter. That helps to remove small toxic particles like lead dust or allergens from your carpet. Make sure to clean the filter on a regular basis.

5. Sweep Hard Surfaces Near the Carpet

Finally, you need to sweep any tile, vinyl or other hard surfaces near your carpet. These areas build up a lot of dust, and without sweeping, that dust and debris will migrate to your carpet.

To get more tips, talk directly with a carpet cleaner. They can let you know how often you need professional cleaning—it varies based on traffic levels. They can also give you tips for taking care of your carpet in between cleanings.