Two tips to keep in mind when giving your garden a makeover

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If your garden is looking a bit wild and neglected, it might be worth giving it a makeover. Doing so will not only make it a more pleasant space to spend time in but could also increase the value of your property. Here are two tips which should help you with this process.

Hire a landscape designer

If you're serious about wanting to drastically improve the appearance of your garden, it's worth hiring a landscape designer to help you with this task.

A professional of this kind can help you to design a layout that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. They can also assist you with selecting plants that will not only thrive in your garden's unique soil and light conditions but that will also suit your gardening preferences; if for example, you want a low-maintenance garden that doesn't require constant tending to, they can help you to choose plants that need a minimal amount of pruning and watering.

Additionally, a landscape designer can add unusual features that require some expertise to install, such as integrated water fountains.

The cost of hiring a landscape designer may seem quite high; however, this professional could actually help you to reduce the overall cost of your project.

This is because their status as a professional in the garden industry allows them to purchase plant supplies at a discounted price from wholesale nurseries. Given that many of the most beautiful shrubs and flowers can be very expensive to buy at standard retail prices, buying them through your landscape designer could save you quite a bit of money. This means that you can include rarer, more expensive plants in your new garden if you so wish. Click here for info about wholesale nurseries. 

Pick an appropriate time of year

It is generally best to carry out a garden makeover during a period of mild, relatively dry weather.

There are a few reasons for this. Outdoor garden design work can be difficult to perform during periods of poor weather; freezing temperatures will not only create uncomfortable working conditions for you and your landscape designer but could also harden the soil to the point where it becomes a struggle to plant new flowers and shrubs.

Small young trees that have not yet established strong roots can also easily be pulled out of the soil by powerful winds. Similarly, heavy rain can wash away nutrients from the soil and make it harder for freshly-planted shrubs and flowers to survive.