5 Reasons to Choose Vertical Blinds for Your Windows

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Vertical blinds are a specific style with wide slats that hang down vertically from a header valance. They are particularly popular for use over glass doors, but they can also be used to cover any window. 

1. Better Traffic Flow

Sliding glass doors and pass-through windows are much better served by vertical blinds. Choose a variety with no bottom chain connector so you can walk through the blinds, even when they are closed. Due to the ability for traffic to pass through, vertical blinds are less likely to suffer the damages that standard horizontal blinds or even curtains can experience. 

2. Pet and Child Friendly

Opt for cordless vertical blinds and you have the optimum window covering for ensuring the safety of pets and young children in the home. There are no strings holding the blinds together that could lead to entanglement or strangulation. There are no easy-to-climb swathes of fabric reaching down to the floor. Overall, vertical blinds don't pose a single hazard to the safety of anyone in your home. 

3. Different Material Options

Fitting your window coverings to your home's style is important, especially since the window treatments often tie together a room's design. Vertical blinds come in a variety of material choices, including vinyl, fabric and even wood slats. There is also a huge assortment of colours and even patterns that you can choose from. Finding a material and colour that fits the space is relatively simple. Even the valance style of the blind's header can be customised to fit the look of your home. 

4. Simple Maintenance

 Unlike curtains and drapes that must be laundered or dry cleaned periodically, vertical blinds rarely require more than an occasional dusting. Further, dust doesn't settle on them as readily as it does on the flat surfaces of horizontal blinds. Wood and vinyl options can be wiped down with a damp cloth if they look a bit dusty, while fabric blinds can be dusted with a soft cloth or gently vacuumed if they get dirty.

5. Improved Light Management

Curtains are either open or closed, so there is natural light or there is not. Vertical blinds can be angled as desired, allowing you to let in a little light, no light, or full light. You can also pull them open completely if you want a maximum amount of light and aren't concerned about privacy. 

Contact a vertical window blinds showroom to find the perfect design for your home.