Essential Considerations When Cleaning Designer Furniture

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When you equip your new home with new designer furniture, the feeling you get can only be compared to the first night in a luxury hotel. However, stains and dirt are not a pretty sight, and the slightest smudge can make your designer furniture to look shabby and cheap. That said, cleaning designer furniture requires a level of care. You cannot merely pick any cleaning supplies and hope to do a good job. This article explores essential considerations when cleaning designer furniture. Read on.

Type of Upholstery Fabric 

Nowadays, people don't want their homes to look like a conventional showroom or furniture store. Therefore, uniqueness and character should be the sole driver when looking for home furniture. This is precisely what you get with designer furniture. However, most homeowners end up damaging their designer furniture by choosing the wrong cleaning detergents. For this reason, you should first find out the upholstery material of your furniture. The upholstery for designer furniture can be made from leather, cotton, wool, silk, polyester or rayon. Each fabric needs strict cleaning techniques and supplies, mainly because the fibres react differently when exposed to different cleaning solutions.

Framing Material 

Designer furniture frames are made from some of the most luxurious materials you can think of. Some of these materials include mahogany wood, solid brass, brass-plated metal and silver. Notably, it is crucial to use the right cleaning supplies for a particular frame. For instance, acetone is an excellent cleaning solution, but you should never use it to clean your silver-framed furniture. Similarly, you cannot use the same cleaning supplies and techniques for brass and brass-plated furniture frames. Besides, while you can lightly scrub designer furniture frame made of solid brass, you should avoid doing the same to brass-plated furniture frames. You should strive to make the same distinction before cleaning polished and waxed mahogany designer furniture.

Position of the Furniture 

Cleaning designer furniture placed in the middle of a room should be easy because you can easily move the pieces around. However, you should worry about a furniture set placed against a wall during cleaning. The reason is that it is easy to scratch furniture against the walls as you move the different pieces around. Therefore, you should always leave an allowance between furniture and walls to make cleaning easy and protect the various pieces from premature tear and wear. If you have a budget, you can engage an interior designer to assist with furniture layout.

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