How to Choose the Best Air Conditioning Model for Your Home

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Most homes need a good air conditioner, as trying to go without one through the long summer months is uncomfortable, and extreme heat and humidity that gets trapped in your home can damage the house's framework and other such materials. When you're ready to start shopping for a new air conditioner but don't want to invest in a central unit, note a few other options you have so you know your home improvement dollars will be well spent.

Window air conditioners

A window air conditioner may be quieter than you expect, as today's models are made with high-quality materials that insulate any potential rattling or humming sounds. Note, however, that a larger window unit that will be strong enough to cool a large room may be too heavy to be supported by the home's window frame. Adding bracing outside the window can be a challenge and very unsightly.

If you do opt for a window unit, be sure you choose one with a filter you can easily access for changing and one with an actual thermostat and not simply a dial that you turn on and off. This will allow you to run the unit in a bedroom while sleeping, and it will also ensure that the unit doesn't run unnecessarily so you can avoid added wear and tear. It's also good to be able to adjust the fan speed so you can have the unit run slower on more humid days. This will allow time for the unit to remove that humidity along with the heat so the home's interior is more comfortable overall.

Split system

A split system is installed in a wall or even the ceiling, and it's a permanent installation. A split system is often more powerful than a window air conditioner and doesn't need that added bracing. You can also attach more than one front panel to the vent line that goes outside the home so you'll have cooling in different zones of the home, with minimal construction. Many split systems can also be outfitted with a solar panel so they are at least subsidized with solar power, reducing your energy bills.

For maximum comfort in the home, you might invest in a split system with both heating and cooling capabilities; you can then forego a furnace in addition to your new air conditioner. As with cooling, this can also allow you to heat different zones of the home. For those with allergies or sensitivities, there are also models with air purifiers that trap dust, allergens, and other irritants

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