Design 101: How To Put Up Your Curtains Correctly

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Curtains are primarily used to block out light and provide some level of privacy in a home. They are also great design elements that can be used to improve the aesthetics of a room. They can tie a room together really nicely when chosen and put up correctly. However, many people find it challenging to put up curtains, and even when they manage to do it, the curtains end up looking wonky. This article will address some of the various ways you can put up your curtains correctly. With these tips, you can make your windows look larger and improve the overall look of the entire room.

Hang curtains all the way to the ground

When choosing curtains for your living room and bedrooms, you can consider long ones that flow all the way to the ground. Curtains that form a one or two-inch pool on the ground are also okay. Long curtains will make the window space look large, and this can give the illusion of space even in a small room. Choose a suitable color that complements or matches the color scheme in the room to add curb appeal to space.

Install curtain rods above the window frame

The positioning of the curtain rods is also an important factor in determining the final look of your curtains. If the rods are placed too close to the window frame, they can make the window look smaller than it is. Install your curtain rods a few inches above the window frame so that they are closer to the ceiling. This will give the illusion of a larger window, and it can make the entire room look taller than it is. The style can be ideal for a small apartment that requires some design tweaks to make it look bigger.

Install curtain rods outside the window frame

Another style that would work well with your window is installing the curtain rod outside the window frame. This leaves some distance between the window and the curtain, and it makes a room look wider than it is. One advantage of this style is that it does not block the view when the curtains are opened. It is only suitable if you have adequate space in the room. If you are struggling to fit everything in a small space, this design can make your room look smaller or take up valuable space.

Choose one of these styles when putting up your curtains to improve the appearance of your home. You can experiment with all the options and find one that works well for different rooms in the house.